Cupcake Shop in Valley Village

We Break the Egg and Bake the Cupcake.

Cupcakes Truly made from scratch

Seasonal Arrivals

Get ’em while you can

Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

Chocolate Strawberry Mascarpone

White Satin Vanilla Raspberry Buttercream Cupcake

White Satin Vanilla Raspberry

Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

Raspberry Lemonade Cream cheese 

White Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcake

Chocolate Orange Cream Cheese

Peach Vanilla Cream Cheese Cupcake

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Peach Vanilla Cream Cheese Cupcake

Vegan Vanilla Strawberry 

Want Cupcakes?

Our cupcakes are Baked Fantasy For Your Palate…

They are the freshest and finest handmade desserts!
No Artificial Preservatives
Made from Scratch
Not Too Sweet
No Cake Mix

A cupcake is a mighty little cake for one and ours happen to be flavor-packed and bursting with delicious goodness!

Meet the Team

Baking with Love

Rubina John

Owner / Executive Chef

Emil Bejanian


Call ahead and pickup in-store or get 'em delivered...