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Excellent Quality

A cupcake is a mighty little cake for one and ours happen to be flavor-packed and bursting with delicious goodness!

Rubina John

Owner / Executive Chef

A Family Tradition

I developed a passion for baking and designing cakes from very early age when I would throw tea parties for my dolls, redesign their wardrobe and decorate a few baked cup cakes with my mother. I truly owe it to my mother and family for their encouragement and support that has shaped my life as I know it.

I vividly remember my first “character” cake that I had made for my cousin’s dog “Black’s” first birthday at age of 10, which subsequently resulted in receiving orders from my family and friends for their special occasions. Later at age 14, I was commissioned to create a Donald Duck cake by my first official client.

What a lifetime experience! The exhilaration has stayed with me ever since…

Baking and sugar craft is my passion. My approach is to have a positive outlook, valiant attitude and the desire for exceeding excellence.

My mission is to create the utmost exquisite cupcakes that are visually inspiring and tastefully unmatched. Every cake is a custom creation from concept to consumption and an original piece of edible art.

I take pride knowing that my creations can make an impression on someone’s day!

– Rubina John


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